Jon Marco Gaydos Signature


Jon Marco Gaydos Signature

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Jon Marco's light complete signature scooter by Lucky

If you want to flip it, whip it, and spin it like Jon Marco does, you'll need a light, strong, and reliable scooter to land back down on. Marco's signature scooter is based off on the popular Prospect model, ensuring an already tested and approved geometry, but with a twist of Jon's own style.

Technical features

  • Light construction with a total weight of around 3.1 kg
  • Smooth and fully integrated headset, perfect for throwing your bars
  • Deck, fork, and bars extruded from 6061 alloy
  • Built with Jon Marco's V3 Signature wheels in a 110mm hollow core design
  • Built with Kink over-sized alloy bars
Gesamthöhe: 84cm
Compression-Typ: IHC
Rollendurchmesser: 110mm
Gewicht: 3100g
Lenkerbreite: 584mm
Headset-Typ: Integrated 1 1/8"
Gabel-Typ: Ohne Gewinde
Material: Aluminium 6061
Deck-Design: One-piece
Decklänge: 49.5cm (19.5")
Deckbreite: 11.4cm (4.5")
Deckform: Peg-cut
Lenkkopfwinkel: 82.5°
Concave: Ja
Gabel-Design: One-Piece
Lenker-Design: Y
Lenker-Material: Aluminium 6061
Lenkerhöhe: 610mm
Lenker-Außendurchmesser: 35mm (Oversized)
Lenker-Innendurchmesser: 28mm
Clamp-Größe: Double
Rollenprofil: Abgerundet
Rollenhärte: 86A
Rollenbreite (Nabe): 24mm
Rollenkern-Material: Aluminium
Rollenkern-Design: Hohlkern
Achsen-Durchmesser: 8mm
Kugellager-Präzision: Nicht angegeben
Bremsen-Typ: Flex Fender
Zusammenbau: Teilweise zusammengebaut